A new company, Derma Pen, LLC is bringing a brand new technology in Collagen Induction Therapy to the U.S. this month. The device is the first of its kind automated electrical hand piece for offering collagen induction therapy and will provide a “delivery system” otherwise not available by laser resurfacing. It’s used as a popular treatment in Europe, Asia and Africa. This is an innovative product and is inexpensive but provides phenomenal results similar to laser resurfacing, fraxel or IPL but without the huge investment and because the consumable cost is low, the flexibility for treatment price points can be realized. The down time for the patient is almost non-existent and within 24 hours the patient’s skin has little to no redness or inflammation, whilst reducing pain and discomfort. Moreover because of the automatic vertical needling function of the devices “stamping” method, a delivery system for absorption of pre and post cocktails and creams has dramatic effects. It’s a great addition to any dermatologist office offering cosmetic services or medical spa.